Searchable treatment library for SLPs that allows practitioners to look up treatment approaches and targets for faster diagnosis and treatment formulation. Built on Nuxt + Strapi + GraphQL.

Data Architecture

Research & UX

This application required multiple interviews to determine navigation and data architecture. By utilizing a headless CMS (Strapi), I was able to create reusable content types for Treatment Approaches and Targets and bring together a future-focused API.

Generative Research

Sample Interview Questions:

  1. What are the top-level diagnosis categories in speech therapy?
  2. What are the subcategories within each of the top-level categories?
  3. Is there another layer of categories beyond subcategories?
  4. Does every subcategory have Treatment Approaches and Treatment Targets?
  5. What elements does every Approach / Target have in common?

These questions helped to determine the navigation structure for the Treatment Library and how the API data would be structured.

Evaluative Research

  • A desktop prototype was created to validate designs and data architecture. These were refined on several occasions working directly with the SLP to determine how data should be structured throughout the application.
  • Data architecture was also refined during development as more commonalities came to light on Treatment Approaches and Targets.
  • Next up: Validate ideas with more SLPs using in-app feedback.

App Design & Workflows

Desktop and mobile designs can be found in prototypes below. The application design was also continuously refined during development.