Check out some of my work and personal projects ranging from design team management to complete product development.


Searchable treatment library for SLPs that allows practitioners to look up treatment approaches and targets for faster diagnosis and treatment formulation. Built on Nuxt + Strapi + GraphQL.

Design System: Athena

The Athena Design System was created to organize the UI styles for multiple brands under the Continued, LLC parent company and provide reusable frontend components to build a new experience for customers and course administrators.

Continued Rebrand

In order to combine five learning spaces into a single, central access hub, a new top-level umbrella brand was needed. That brand is Continued.

Mitten Speech Therapy

Mitten Speech Therapy is a speech therapy clinic in Grandville, MI. An interactive website was built to engage with customers and broadcast speech therapy services.

SLP Suite

SLP Suite is an SaaS platform designed for Speech-Language Pathologists to manage clients, plan sessions, and track client progress. Check out the Figma prototype to see it in action.


SimuCase is an application that allows students and professionals to practice their clinical skills in a virtual environment.