SLP Suite

SLP Suite is an SaaS platform designed for Speech-Language Pathologists to manage clients, plan sessions, and track client progress. Check out the Figma prototype to see it in action.


Research & UX

This application concept is the precursor to SpeechDatabase. Research was conduced around client workflows for private practice SLPs, session management, reporting, compiliance, and scheduling.

Generative Research

  • In particular, we’re looking for market differentiators and unique UI propositions for tasks. We discovered that Goals and Progress Meters are a unique feature that other client management apps aren’t offering, along with Session Planning features for SLPs (see designs below).
  • Zoom! With the shift toward virtual therapy services, a video client integrated into client and SLP workflows is a must. Zoom will be integrated where virtual is selected for a client.
  • This app will be designed to be easily ported over to other professions that have similar needs and workflows to enable additional market capture in the future.

Evaluative Research

  • A desktop prototype was created to validate the ideas put forth in the generative phase. These were refined on several occasions working directly with the SLP to determine how data should be structured throughout the application.
  • Next up: Validate ideas with more SLPs during alpha and beta development using in-app feedback.

App Design & Workflows

App designs currently available for desktop only.


View the complete desktop prototype on Figma here.