MVP Complete

Searchable treatment library for SLPs that allows practitioners to look up treatment approaches and targets for faster diagnosis and treatment formulation.

My Role

  • Conducted user research and interviews throughout idea, design, and development phases.
  • Complete product design including data architecture/API structure, navigation, page templates, and branding.
  • Full-stack product development on Nuxt + Strapi.


Data architecture research was conducted with SLPs in order to determine the data and navigation structure. This involved getting to know two main categories: treatment approaches and treatment targets. These are the main collection types for the application's API (Strapi).


  • Interviews: Conducted with SLPs to gain knowledge of product needs including database structure and app search features needed around treatment approaches and targets.


  • Prototype Walkthroughs: Conducted with SLPs throughout design process to validate direction, ideas, and workflows.
  • Development Walkthroughs: Conducted with SLPs throughout development process to validate functionality.

Application Design

App designs and flows can be found below.

Figma Prototypes & Workflows

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype

Live Web Application


SLP Suite

SLP Suite Login

Treatment Library

Landing Page

SpeechDatabase Homepage

Treatment Library


Treatment Category Page


Treatment Approach