ScreenKicker is a project management platform for managing website design services, giving designers, project managers, and developers a single reference point.


  • ScreenKicker was designed to seamlessly handle admin processes and communication between designer/project manager and clients.
  • Clients can sign up through the website sign up process, initiating a new project on the admin side where templated design and web development processes can be applied (e.g. Discovery > Wireframes > Prototype > Code > Launch).
  • The Project Tracker allows a client to track every phase of a website project from Discovery to Launch, including a built-in automatic invoicing system connected to Stripe that handles down payments and final payments before launch.

App Design & Workflows

ScreenKicker's design is focused on the task at hand. Emphasis is placed on giving clients everything they need to see at a specific phase of a project. A chat interface was also integrated to give all parties involved an easy and obvious way to communicate.

Live Website

Check out the live website at

App Build

This application is built on WordPress utilizing the framework and Sage/Laravel.


SpeechDatabase Sign Up / Sign In

Project Tracker


The dashboard is where the client sees their current project status and if there are any tasks assigned to them.

Creative Brief

The Creative Brief is where clients can give in-depth details about their project requirements and upload any files needed like logos or brand files.


Invoicing is built-in to the project process. Admins can set the project amount along with the percentage down required, and the app sends a notice to the client at each step payment is needed.


Before a client's site can go live, all that's left is to make the final payment. Once this is done, the website is launched to production.